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We offer gymnastics classes to children aged 3 years and above in Brentford on Sundays.

We’re super excited to announced that Brentford gymnastic club is coming to town! With a wide variety of fun yet structured children’s classes, we are the UK’s go-to destination for multi-level gymnastics classes.

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Brentford Gymnastics classes

we have plenty of classes that suitable for all ages

Begin your journey to a better life with flexibility, strength, power, and Speed and Endurance.


Flexibility is also crucial in gymnastics to prevent injury. Unless you've had years of flexibility training, you will not be able to perform any of the complex gymnastic movements without injuring your muscles and joints


Power is one of the most sought after athletic qualities in gymnastics. It's for good reason too, as the ability to express more power helps gymnasts run faster


Strength is the ability of a muscular unit or combination of muscular units to apply force, according to Crossfit Journal.

Speed and Endurance

Gymnasts rely on endurance so they can repeat various movements repeatedly without losing momentum. Their ability to run through routines or training regimens during practice consistently may directly correlate with their ability to perform.

Experienced trainers

with many years of teaching yoga, our trainers are willing to give you the best instruction

Level 1 coach

GG Level 1 Coach

WA Level4 Coach


what our customers say about us & the reasons why you should choose Brentford Gymnastics

A great place to learn and train in gymnastics. My little one loves it!
Jesica Clerk
5 out of 5
We attended this gym for a gymnastics competition and I have to say the children of MK are lucky to have such a lovely,spacious ,well equipped gymnastics centre.
David Boon
5 out of 5
Excellent , great facilities, my daughter loves it here, she attends 1 hours per week and moans on her days off! Definitely recommend
Ann betty
5 out of 5


Brentford Gymnastics offers the most flexible sessions that fit your needs


$ £10.40 / Week /month

Class 1 Time – 9.30- 10.30
Class 2 Time – 10.30- 11.30
Class 3Time 11.30- 12.30


$ £15 / Week /

Class Time : 12.30- 13.30

Floor & Vault invite onley

$ £19 / Week /month

Class Time : 13.30- 14.30


$ £19 / Week /

Class Time : 14.30- 15.30

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